Collective Wisdom

Just who do these thugs think they are, smashing their way into our homes and torturing us and  taking our hard earned belongings?

They are being encouraged by the fact that the Police Force are neutered, .

They are taking their lead from leading government figures who flagrantly disregard law and order.

Anarchy is on our doorstep, we better start uniting NOW before they boil us alive and eat us for breakfast.

What are you doing, besides complaining and buying more security gadgets?

Join us NOW and lets form a force to fight back!

Send us an email now with your ideas.

Use this email address to send your suggestions…

Gartvol, disgruntled, frustrated, sick and tired, frightened, spending too much on securty measures while criminals roam free?

Then get off your arse and do something, stop whining and hiding behind mommies apron, come join the men and women who will make a difference…

We will not let them take our freedom from us!!!

We will  not barricade ourselves, like prisoners, in our own homes anymore!!!

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Citizens Against Crime

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