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Citizens Against Crime

Build a new South Africa with the very best ideas we can assimilate

Start building

Give us your ideas as to how to build a new nation without crime…

How can we best address crime?

With the exception of those on the gravy train and surrounded by bodyguards, the rest of us in South Africa are now fully and decidedly GATVOL of the bullshit we are being subjected to!

For too long we have sat back and been patient waiting for reason and civilisation to return to our country, but alas, no such hope is on our horizon.

The truth is, it is getting worse, much worse!

So, before we all suffer annihilation, we need to take matters into our own hands.

There is no doubt that the minority in this country are being targeted for aggression and marginalisation.

Are we going to wait until there is a total blackout, or our water becomes toxic?

Are we going to wait until marauding gangs take over our suburbs, our homes and lives?

Starting below, give us your experiences that shows just how gatvol you are and the mismanagement or corruption or incompetence you have seen and been subjected to.

The purpose of this website is to unite South Africans against oppression by the majority, we want freedom - read: FREEDOM.

We want to be free of laws that punish us for the colour of our skin.

Gather together, not just for numbers but for purpose!

It is time to fight for FREEDOM!

Mandela was glorified for the methods he used to gain freedom, we are surely entitled to use the same glorified methods ourselves!!!

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Hi, thanks for doing this site, I am ready to take action. The things I have seen at my place of employment is just too disgusting for words…

I am post graduate in the medical field and have been replaced by what can only be described as a high school pupil who flunked badly. Only because I am white. I have seen people die because of poor attention to detail.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Here are some examples of what South African Citizens have wrote


I have been shot twice by a gang of robbers trying to hijack me. Neither the police nor the detectives have bothered to do anything about it. My life has been totally changed because of this attack.

It also cost me a huge sum of money for hospital bills and counselling. While the scum who did this are free to do it to other innocent people.

This government has encouraged this violence by it’s lethargy in dealing with criminals, and I wonder why?

I  am starting to see the merit in taking back the country from these incompetent, self-inflating fools.

You talk about anarchy in the streets…

I have yet to arrive at a robot intersection and not see anarchy! Every and I mean EVERY intersection and at EVERY crossing at ANY time of day or night I see, and am sure so do you, total disregard for law and order.

This screams anarchy because there is no police presence at these intersects to apprehend the culprits and we know why, because 90% are taxi drivers and the police are too scared of confrontation. Really? Criminals rule!